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Graduation Wish

Graduation WishIt was 110 degrees outside when I arrived at my children’s school to pick them up, but the icy glares of my fellow moms threatened to freeze me to the sidewalk. The headlines were catching up with me.

The day before, I had called for the elimination of assigned schools in favor of universal choice-a nearly unforgivable act as far as many suburban (more…)

Unschooling Movement 101

Unschooling Movement 101Unschooling. The word itself sounds like the invention of a precocious 9-year-old mind: “Mo-om, I don’t wanna study for that stupid spelling test! How come you never let me unschool?” However, unschooling, or child-directed learning, is not only a very real educational philosophy, it’s also a successful learning practice that is gaining popularity with parents both in the U. S. and abroad.

The core (more…)

Grammar 101: A Quick Guide

Grammar 101: A Quick GuideTest it out: The cage belonging to it. It is cage. Which phrase makes sense? The first. We know, then, the dog jumped out of its cage.

Verbs: Where the Action Is

Burckmyer’s trusty tips on verbs:

Don’t switch tenses. If you’re writing in the past tense (“Jack went outside, climbed the tree, and smelled dinner through the kitchen window”), avoid shifting to the present tense (“He jumps onto the grass and runs inside”). Never say would of or should of – it’s would have and should have. Practice the active voice:

Passive: (more…)

School Inflation

School Inflation“How much of our academic talent can we afford to waste? If the answer is ‘none,’ then. . . the elimination of the small high school through district reorganization and consolidation should have top priority.”

-James Conant, president of Harvard University, 1959

“One of the key issues that I believe affects safety and the whole educational (more…)

Bright Minds and Innovation: Do Teachers Tackle Educational Reform?

Bright Minds and Innovation: Do Teachers Tackle Educational Reform?Bright Minds and Innovation: Do Teachers Tackle Educational Reform?

By Jean Locicero Shankle Director of Training, Aretao

Jean, an Aretao (www. aretao. com) consultant, tries to read all the great material on education that shows up in her in-box. Recently, two showed up with “at Risk” right up front. She decided to investigate. This is her report.

The Education Report (more…)

Spring 2010 Correspondence

Spring 2010 CorrespondenceSchool Budgets

In “The Phony Funding Crisis” (features, Winter 2010), James Guthrie and Arthur Peng examine the apparent phenomenon in which schools, while claiming continual underfunding and budget cuts, continue to open their doors and educate students. As logical as their argument sounds, we believe it comes from the 30,000 foot level and differs from (more…)

Researchers and Practitioners

Researchers and PractitionersMuch of our understanding of the relationship between technology and school reform grows out of more than 10 years of collaboration and partnership with the Union City Public Schools. This district—which has been remarkably successful in transforming itself from a failing urban system into a district where the vast majority of children are doing well (more…)