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Knowledge of the Subject Matter or the Ability to Relate with the Students?

Knowledge of the Subject Matter or the Ability to Relate with the Students?“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The excellent teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”.A great quotation by William Arthur Ward which served as my guiding principle as a teacher. I remember when I was in kindergarten, everytime my friends would ask who will be our teacher in grade one, all they have to do is ask me. I knew all our teachers (more…)

EDC Researchers Explore Innovative Teacher Program

EDC Researchers Explore Innovative Teacher ProgramWhat do chili peppers and mathematics have to do with each other? Last year, Kevin Kelly, Lexington (Mass.) High School pre-Calculus teacher would have said “nothing.” But today, his answer would be “everything.” Frustrated with the standard lecture approach to mathematics, he and his colleagues have developed a hands-on, interactive lesson that uses the relative heat of chili peppers to introduce (more…)

Known For Providing Best American English Pronunciation Classes

Known For Providing Best American English Pronunciation ClassesIt is a widely accepted fact that unlearning is a far more complex process than learning as it not only involves not using the already learned things but also substituting them with new things. Many people who go to America from other countries face a problem of developing a natural American English accent and are not able to pronounce American English properly. Due to the artificial (more…)

How to Succeed in School

How to Succeed in SchoolBy Michael Delgado

Everyone wants to succeed in school, but it gets tough when you have so much homework and tests to prepare for. To help you study smarter, here are seven helpful tips to help you succeed:

Talk with your Teacher during Office Hours

Most students never visit their teachers during office hours. Office hours are a great time to get clarification on concepts (more…)

Voices of Change

Voices of ChangeOver the past decade, thousands of school districts around the country have implemented mathematics curricula based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics. These Standards, first published in 1989 and revised in 2000, laid out a new vision for the teaching and learning of mathematics, and prompted (more…)

New Leaders for Troubled Schools

New Leaders for Troubled SchoolsIn recent years Frank W. Ballou Senior High School in Washington, D. C., has suffered some well-publicized traumas, including the on-campus murder of a 17-year-old and a deliberate mercury contamination by students that forced the school to close for a month. Meanwhile, barely 3 percent of students scored “proficient” in reading, and just under 10 percent (more…)