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5 Healthy Fundraising Ideas

5 Healthy Fundraising IdeasAbout 30% of children and teens in America are overweight. As a parent, you have every right to be concerned about what sugary, fattening fundraisers are doing to kids. One thing is for sure: helping schools shouldn’t harm your child’s health. Fortunately, raising money doesn’t have to clog arteries. Try these 5 healthy fundraisers instead.

The Sneaky (more…)

Curriculum Wars

Curriculum WarsThe History Boys By Alan Bennett Broadhurst Theater, New York, June 2006.

As reviewed by David Steiner

Characterized by dry syntactical puns, flat humor, and a bested Socrates, the Euthydemus is not one of Plato’s better-known works. Yet it is here that, for the first time in the history of the West, one of the great education debates of the subsequent 24 centuries is laid (more…)

Whole Language vs. Phonics

Whole Language vs. PhonicsOne hot button issue in education is the debate over whole language vs. phonics instruction in reading (and it has been for several decades). Both sides of the debate can cite research which suggests one side is better than the other. This article is intended to clear the muddled waters of reading instruction, and help parents see how they can use the best (more…)

Books on the Move

Books on the Move“A person who does not read is like a field left untilled.”

So says Bosco Nshimiyimana, an agronomist in Rwanda who employs five people to work his farmland. He understands that just as the soil must be fertilized for crops to grow, so must the love of reading be nurtured for literacy to take root.

Nshimiyimana was there to receive the first visitors (more…)

Reading Is Not Supposed To Be Detective Work

Reading Is Not Supposed To Be Detective WorkThink of a detective investigating a crime scene. He moves tensely, searching for clues. The detective does not know what happened, and must deduce it from many little signs and traces. He can never relaxhe might miss that crucial spot on the carpet.

Finally, after years of trying to understand Whole Word (a/k/a Sight Words, Dolch Words, etc.), I realized that the process the education (more…)

How to Choose Right Reading and Phonics Program for Kids?

How to Choose Right Reading and Phonics Program for Kids?Parents are always concerned about the education of their kids and they want to make sure that they have the right learning options available for their children that can help them learn in a better way. There are many parents that focus on reading and phonics that can help their kids to learn in a better way. However, the biggest challenge for parents is that they are not sure how to find the best (more…)

Educational Scenario in India – Education

Educational Scenario in India - EducationAfter getting query & responses against my article mention in a blog on education2u(dot)in India’s literacy mission cannot be achieved without expanding the horizon of Higher education Institutions located pan India. It’s a fact that considering only one mode of education will not suffice, rather a diversified approach is required. I found an organization Institute (more…)