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Web Site for Teachers

Web Site for TeachersMore than 75 percent of teachers use the Internet every day for instructional purposes. Are they finding what they need? Are they equipped to integrate it into their classes? Do the materials improve the quality of instruction? These are some questions that EDC’s Center for Children and Technology (CCT) addresses in a new report on a PBS Web site called (more…)

Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental HealthThe National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention in EDC’s Health and Human Development Programs (HHD) is playing a key role in ensuring that California’s landmark mental health prevention initiatives will reach children and youth in schools. Without this guidance, the state’s youth may miss out on vital mental health programming.

Millions of dollars (more…)

Should Your Child Be Learning a Second Language?

Should Your Child Be Learning a Second Language?How many languages do you speak? If you grew up in the United States in an English-speaking household, the odds are you speak only one, with maybe a few words of high school Spanish or French thrown in. Your children, on the other hand, may already be learning Portuguese with a nanny, Italian in a “mommy and me” class and Mandarin at an immersion school. (more…)

Take The Stress Away With Managed IT Services – Education

Take The Stress Away With Managed IT Services - EducationA decade ago, it was possible for businesses to manage their own technology infrastructure needs using one person and the “wait and pray” method. Today, though, everything has changed in the way we do business. Thanks to e-commerce and advances in technology, more businesses than ever require solutions for their information technology department. Hiring an in-house team is not always the best choice (more…)

Kids and Philanthropy

Kids and PhilanthropyWhile many stories in parenting magazines focus on the negative, it’s nice to know there’s one area where today’s kids excel: philanthropy. The word conjures up images of wealth and power, but more and more kids are proving that you don’t need to be Richie Rich to make a difference. Family Circle reports that 27% of students now donate to religious organizations and 17% to charity. (more…)

Educating Child Laborers

Educating Child LaborersChild laborers in Tanzania who participated in the non-formal, radio-based education program, Mambo Elimu, performed as well as students in the state-run public school system, according to recent exam scores from districts where Mambo Elimu was being piloted. Over the past four years, the program, implemented by EDC’s International Development Division (more…)