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What You Need To Know About Stemologica Reviews For Horrible Bosses Movie And Why – Education

What You Need To Know About Stemologica Reviews For Horrible Bosses Movie And Why - EducationWho doesn’t want to look younger forever? It is obviously not possible to stop our body from aging. However, dirt, pollution and UV rays can make your pores and skin look dull and age it by almost a 10 years. A wholesome lifestyle and a good pores and skin care regimen are a must to keep our skin wholesome.

There are lots of places that you can read about how to eliminate (more…)

Have My Views Changed?

Have My Views Changed?Education Week reporter Debbie Viadero and blogger Andy Rotherham suggest that I, in Saving Schools: From Horace Mann to Virtual Learning, have (along with Diane Ravitch) abandoned my support for vouchers and charters.

Such claims make for good story lines, but the reality is otherwise. I applaud all efforts to extend vouchers to more students, and I support (more…)

College for Kids with Special Needs

College for Kids with Special NeedsIf you are the parent of an autistic or other special needs child, you may never have imagined that college was a possibility. WIth all the academic and social challenges facing college students, not to mention the cooking, cleaning, and other life skills needed to live independently, any parent might doubt that their child is ready for the experience. However, a college diploma (more…)

Who Home Schools Their Children and Why?

Who Home Schools Their Children and Why?By: Laurie Hurley

I am a tutor broker; I match private tutors with children of all ages. I have been in the tutoring business for eight years. Home school tutoring is extremely popular and accounts for almost 20% of my business, compared to only 3% eight years ago. Here are my observations, from an educational consultant point of view:

1) THE LOCAL (more…)


E-LearningIn an effort to provide more choices and expanded educational opportunities to their clients, many community technology centers (CTCs) are turning to online learning. ACC recently spoke with two programs funded under the Department of Education CTC grant program that provide online courses as part of their program offerings. These experiences capture both the promises (more…)

Cool Science Project Idea for 8th Grade Student

Here you can create a simple electric motor. You will not be hooking this up to anything except itself. It is a good demonstration for your science fair project. Here is all you will need for this experiment. This is a great High School or middle school project. Related Articles 24 Hour Science Projects For Kids 24 Hour Science Projects Review – What The Parents Had Not Done, The Children Did Science (more…)

Knowledge of the Subject Matter or the Ability to Relate with the Students?

Knowledge of the Subject Matter or the Ability to Relate with the Students?“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The excellent teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”.A great quotation by William Arthur Ward which served as my guiding principle as a teacher. I remember when I was in kindergarten, everytime my friends would ask who will be our teacher in grade one, all they have to do is ask me. I knew all our teachers (more…)